A Band Ahead of Their Time

The Doors are an American band that secured immortality, even after the broke up and lead singer Jim Morrison died in a bath in his Paris Hotel room in 1971.

They only had six short years of music after forming in 1965. The band had a unique sound because the bass guitar was replaced by Ray Manzarek playing on the keyboard, something that was so far ahead of its time that no one quite knew what to make of them.

Robbie Krieger was an extremely talented guitarist and would also swap from playing lead and rhythm guitar, to playing bass notes in the same song. The fourth band member was drummer John Densmore.

Jim Morrison was troubled soul and drank very heavily. He originally wanted to be a poet, but his voracious appetite for women soon found that being a rock star was better.

The Doors were prolific and released eight albums in their time together until Morrison died at the age of 27. Morrison often made up crazy stories about his past, most notably a horrific crash in the Californian wilds which he claimed to witness as a child. He also made up stories about his upbringing, but these were dismissed by his family after his death. Morrison had a habit of taking drugs and being very drunk on stage, often causing trouble among his own fans by insulting them from the stage.

The band often had to try and carry him through the performance, and they succeeded to a degree. But it got too much and they split up. The band put together some cracking tracks including LA Woman, Roadhouse Blues, Break on Through and The End. Their music is still very popular today and many modern bands cite The Doors as having been a huge influence on the development of their style.

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