Music Festivals

Music can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or even out with friends. On this page, you will find a list on music festivals around the world that should be on every fan’s bucket list.


About 200,00 people head to this music festival which is held in California in the United States. It is geared to the younger crowd and features bands of the moment.

Burning Man

Burning man is a bit of an enigma. Not only is it a music festival, it is also a life workshop and features art installations in the middle of the Nevada Desert. It culminates with the burning of the man effigy and has a steam punk feel to it. It is quite close to Las Vegas, go for a casino tour while you are there. A list of famous casinos can be found here.


This is the UK’s biggest outdoor music festival. It caters for families and the organisers pride themselves on not only putting on some of the best acts around, but creating a great environment where people can bring their kids and enjoy the whole event with them. It is held over four days in Dorset.


This is one of the oldest festivals around. It is held in the South of England in Glastonbury and has been on the go since the 1970s. It often rains during the festival which results in the thousands of pop culture photographs of people dancing in the rain and mud in their wellies.

Spleandour in the Grass

This Aussie festival is held in the hippy beach resort of Byron Bay. Many up and coming Aussie acts play at the festival which is known to be very laid back and just as much about watching the sunset as listening to the bands.


This festival is held in Benicassim, Valencia in Spain. It is as much of a beach party as it is a music festival. It puts on a variety of acts and attracts quite a young crowd of Brits.

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