The King of Pop

The world was shocked when Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50 in 2009 after taking a cocktail of prescription drugs.

There are many controversies that still rage about Michael Jackson, most notably claims of sexual abuse of minor. He had settled out of court in past cases and was facing fresh allegation around the time of his death.

The Early Years

Jackson’s first musical exposure was in the Jackson Five with his other siblings in 1964 . His father managed the group but was reportedly abusive of the children.

In 1971 he launched his solo career and sprang to stardom in the early 1980s with hits such as Bullie Jean and his epic track and video Thriller, which featured a massive dance routine with zombies in it.


The first signs that things were not all well with Jackson’s mental health came in after the 1987 album Bad, when it was clear that he had extensive surgery. People were also at odds with his attempt at a tough guy image. He found success with the singles Dirty Diana and Man in the Mirror.


Jackson continued to experiment in the 1990s with his Moonwalk film and the accompany dance moves. Things continued to get more outlandish as he adopted a chimpanzee Bubbles and took him to live with hi mat his Neverland Ranch. He also courted drama when he dangled his baby out of a hotel window so the paparazzi could take photographs. People continued to raise eyebrows when he released the song Black or White, which basically says that a person should not care what colour their skin is. It was clear that Jackson had destroyed his face in trying to lighten his skin.


Michael Jackson is still one of the most influential and popular musicians the world has ever seen. Thriller is the biggest selling album ever, and he had 13 US Number One Hits throughout his career, which is a record for a male solo artist.

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